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Hot winter colour   27Jun09
We are very lucky to be gardening in Sydney, where a host of winter-blooming plants can cheer us through the dreary days of June and July.
Shady whites   01Nov09
My garden has entered something of a white phase at the moment.
Unusual vines   15Nov09
There are some unusual warm-climate vines blooming at the moment, which thrive in our Sydney climate.
The viticella hybrid Clematis are the easiest of this genus to grow in Sydney gardens.
Summer vines   16Jan11
There are some pretty summer-flowering climbers adding colour to our gardens at the moment.
A shift of season   27Mar11
Late March brings a welcome shift of season in our Sydney gardens.
Strange flowers   03Apr11
I have a fascination for weird and wonderful blooms!
I finally grew a longed-for flower.
Quirky characters   29Jan17
I am enjoying some unusual plants at the moment.
Willing weavers   12Aug18
Some plants love to ramble!