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A perfect start   01Sep08
Today's perfect sunny day seems the ideal time to start my garden musings.
Capricious spring   08Sep08
The essence of spring is its unpredictability.
October sees the blooming of some dramatic South African bulbs as the early spring varieties fade.
Summer belles   07Jan09
Bulbs and rhizomes bring a fresh touch to what can be a jaded garden on Sydneys hot days
Tropical colour   12Feb09
Before summer goes, I want to pay homage to two tropical favourites.
Surprising bulbs   11Mar09
Late summer and early autumn can hold some delightful surprises.
South African flora offers Sydney gardeners many easy-to-grow plants.
Orchid lessons   19Jul09
There are some secrets to growing Cymbidium orchids successfully!
Perhaps August should be redefined as the first month of spring in Sydney?
Some plants from the Mediterranean region, Madeira and the Canary Islands thrive in dry sunny spots and bloom in late winter in Sydney.
Amazing Amaryllids   30Aug09
There are some dramatic bulbs from the Amaryllidaceae family which bloom in late winter/early spring in Sydney.
Shady whites   01Nov09
My garden has entered something of a white phase at the moment.
Summer colour does not have to be all about flowers - there are wonderful foliage plants which flourish in our Sydney climate.
The colour orange   21Feb10
At the moment, orange flowers catch my eye.
Dusky leaves   30May10
The use of dark-tinted foliage can add drama and interest to garden borders.
Sunny Sunday   01Aug10
Sunday was a beautiful day to be in the garden!
Winter white   08Aug10
White flowers in the winter garden can create a satisfying vignette.
Pretty in pink   29Aug10
Pink seems to be the colour of early spring.
Growing epiphytes in trees gives scope for fitting in more plants.
An afternoon visiting gardens brings delight and inspiration.
I have vowed to look after my pot plants more diligently.
A weekend in the country reminds me of valuable gardening lessons.
Tough customers   24Oct10
Tough and undemanding plants from my parents' garden are favourites in my own.
This weekend I discovered a new nursery and found some plant treasures there.
Tough Tulbaghia   30Jan11
During our current heatwave, it is useful to note robust plants that are capable of standing up to the conditions.
Warm autumn flowers   13Mar11
In March there are many flowers of autumn hues to give a seasonal display in Sydney gardens.
A shift of season   27Mar11
Late March brings a welcome shift of season in our Sydney gardens.
Good-looking leaves   10Jul11
A stroll in the garden reveals many plants with attractive winter foliage.
Fluffy flowers   14Aug11
Some flowers just demand to be touched!
Easy irises   04Sep11
The so-called crested Iris species thrive in our climate.
Survival tactics   02Oct11
A trip to the country shows the tenacity of some tough plants.
November bulbs   06Nov11
There are some interesting and unusual bulbs that flower this month.
A visit to the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney gives ideas for spring plantings.
Bold bulbs   01Sep13
There are some showy bulbs and bulb-like plants in bloom now.
Grown from seed   03Nov13
Plants I have grown from seed have a special cachet.
Spidery plants   06Apr14
Meet some plants that have a 'spidery' look.
Signs of spring   31Aug14
Spring is here!
Miniature versions   07Dec14
Small-scale versions of plants have appeal.
Pretty flowers from South Africa are in bloom.
Dazzled by dahlias   28Feb16
Dahlias are adorning Sydney gardens now.
Winter charmers   26Jun16
Flowering bulbs can cheer up cold days.
These easy-to-grow plants add joy!
Fragrant winter-flowering plants can get us out into the garden in July!
Early spring blues   06Sep20
Blue flowers for shaded spots!
We may not be able to grow massed displays of tulips in our climate, but try some of these South African corms instead.
Iris time   04Oct20
October is iris time in Sydney gardens: the best are the tall bearded irises and Louisiana irises.
The blooming of Agapanthus means Christmas must be near.