Another video!

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Thank you so much to all those who looked at last week's garden video and to those who left kind comments on the blog. I really enjoyed making the video so I have done another one for this week. This one shows a part of the back garden around a cubbyhouse built for our girls 26 years ago. Originally, the area was shaded by a huge oak tree so I planted shade-loving plants with hot coloured flowers and leaves to brighten it up. A few years ago, the oak tree sadly died, so there is a lot more sun and the plantings have changed a bit.

I realised as I made the video that a number of the plants came from my mother's garden in the Blue Mountains. My garden style has come to be very like hers over the years! She favoured easy-to-grow plants that made an impact, rather than the delicate rarities I tried to grow at first, which usually ended up disappearing. I love to see the flowers from her garden every time I walk around my plot.

I hope everyone is finding their garden to be a place of solace at this time.