Videoing the garden

Sunday, 05 April 2020

Gardens in Sydney this autumn are surely the best they've been for a many years, thanks to all the rain we got in February and March. It's so sad that we can't visit one another's gardens now to admire them. A friend who lives just up the road from me made me a video of her gorgeous garden last weekend, and I felt as if I was really there, walking around with her, as she spoke to the camera and talked about the different plants in her garden! I in turn made a couple of short clips to send to her, of myself wandering around some areas of my garden pointing out various plants that might be useful in her garden, which I could propagate to give her 'one day'. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so I decided to make a video of my garden especially for iGarden readers this week!

This hasn't been really possible for me to do before given the limitations of my previous very basic phone, but since I recently upgraded the phone (going up seven steps of the Apple ladder in one morning!), I now have the capacity to do so. The results are pretty amateurish, but I had fun doing the filming. The first clip is of the garden outside my front door. Further videos can follow if readers are interested.

I can recommend that everyone films their gardens and shares the results with their friends. It's one way we gardeners can connect with one another in these deeply troubled times. Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your gardens and getting lots done in them! The weather this Sunday was simply superb!