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Viola riviana Purpurea

Viola riviniana Purpurea

This cute little violet, which I thought was the Labrador violet (Viola labradorica), seems to be more likely to be Viola riviniana 'Purpurea' (ht 5 cm), a very similar plant, known colloquially as the purple-leaf dog violet or wood violet. The tiny flowers are a vibrant shade of magenta-purple and the leaves are purplish-green, making a good combination. It does spread by suckers and it self-seeds very enthusiastically, but it makes such a pretty carpet where there is room for it, in a wilder part of the garden. It is found in Europe, Iceland, North America and Madeira. It is quite cold hardy. It will grow in sun, part-shade and even full shade, including where it is quite dry, apparently, but it does best if there is some moisture in the soil.


Viola riviana Purpurea
Flowers August and September.
Plant Family: Violaceae

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