Plant Description

Tibouchina laxa

Tibouchina laxa Skylab

Tibouchina laxa 'Skylab' is an unusual plant: an amorphous, scrambling shrub (ht to 2 m) with long, flexible stems, which can ramble through other shrubs for support, or be grown against a wall or trellis. It flowers in winter and early spring, after most other types of Tibouchina have ceased blooming. Its brilliant purple flowers are slightly smaller than those of the commonly seen large shrub Tibouchina lepidota 'Alstonville', but are very striking. The foliage has an interesting crinkled texture. The plant likes full sun and a warm, sheltered location. It is apparently possible to keep it clipped to form a neat shrub, though I haven't attempted this so far.


Tibouchina laxa
Flowers from July to September.
Plant Family: Melastomataceae

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