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Sedum mexicanum

Sedum mexicanum Gold Mound

Sometimes known as Mexican stonecrop, the fleshy, succulent groundcover cultivar known as 'Gold Mound' (ht 10-25cm) forms an effective textured carpet of tiny leaves in sun or shade. In sunny spots the leaves will be bright gold; in shady places, where it does just as well, they will take on a lime-green hue. It tolerates dryness very well and spreads to create a wide clump. It has small yellow star-shaped flowers in late spring and summer. It is cold hardy. It is easily propagated from tiny rooted pieces.

I love to have it growing around orange Clivia for a real colour pop. I like it with yellow flowers such as Bulbine frutescens or yellow-variegated leaf plant; and I also adore it with rich blue flowers, such as the annual Lobelia, illustrated above.


Sedum mexicanum
Flowers October and November.
Plant Family: Crassulaceae

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