Salvia fallax

This is a late winter-early spring flowering plant which grows up to 1.5 to 2 m tall. It has spires of many small soft blue flowers over a long period and mixes well with many of the blooms of this time, such as Clivia, abutilons, firefly (Justicia rizzinii), shrubby daisies and Camellia. It also combines well with some of the fresh new lime-green leaves of spring, and makes a good partner to shrubby Eupatorium megalophyllum and the 'evergreen Hydrangea' (Dichroa febrifuga). It copes well with a degree of shade, making it a valuable mixer. It tends to self-seed a bit. Cut it back hard after flowering and again around December to keep it compact; otherwise it really does get too tall. It is not frost hardy.

Note that this plant's official name is now Salvia roscida.

Flowers in July, August, September, October.

 Out now in my Sydney Garden.


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