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Salvia confertiflora

Salvia confertiflora in the garden of Jill Budden, Springwood NSW

Salvia confertiflora is a very unusual specimen that comes from Brazil (like many Salvia which do well in our Sydney climate) and seems to be bloom from autumn until early spring here. It grows 1.3-2 m tall and is rather brittle, so needs some support from cradle stakes or nearby shrubs. The multitude of small iridescent orange flowers are held within velvety red-brown calyces, on long thin spikes.

I think it could look good near an autumn-colouring tree or an ornamental grass with tawny-brown flower plumes, or even rusty-toned Justicia brandegeeana. It flowers best in full sun but in hot climates it can appreciate some afternoon shade. Cut it back at the end of winter, and trim back once or twice during late spring and early summer to promote a degree of compactness. Propagate from cuttings taken in spring or autumn. It is sensitive to frost.

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Salvia confertiflora
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers from March to October.
Plant Family: Lamiaceae

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