Orlaya grandiflora

Orlaya grandiflora

Orlaya grandiflora (ht 30cm-40cm) is a Mediterranean annual that grows well in Sydney gardens. It has soft, fern-like leaves and in spring it bears frothy white flowers rather like a small version of Queen Anne's lace (Ammi species) - it belongs to the same plant family as Ammi (Apiaceae, formerly known as the Umbelliferae). It suits a dryish, sunny position and blooms over a long period.

Orlaya grandiflora with Rosa Betty Prior in the garden of Sandra Wilson in Sydney

Where it is happy, it will self-seed for many years to come. Thin out the baby seedlings to give the remainder plenty of space to develop into sturdy plants. It looks attractive growing with other Mediterranean plants that thrive and flower in spring in Sydney: such as lavender, roses, Limonium perezii, tall bearded irises, Marguerite daisies and perennial wallflowers. Interestingly, the flowers last quite well in a vase.

Best grown from seed.

Flowers in August, September, October, November.