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Justicia aurea

Justicia aurea

A member of the Acanthaceae family, this yellow-flowered Justicia looks similar to the familiar pink or white tousled heads of Justicia carnea which furnish shady spots in our gardens in summer and autumn; however, it appears in late autumn and winter. It is sometimes known as yellow jacobinia. It has attractive large quilted foliage. It grows to about 1.5 m tall and will grow in sun or semi-shade, tolerating dry conditions. However, best flowering seems to occur if it is grown in a sunny spot and pampered a bit. It is a cheering sight in winter, with its big feathery flowers, and combines well with yellow-variegated foliage, such as that of Euonymus japonicus 'Aureus' or with the blue winter flowers of Salvia 'Costa Rican Blue'.

It should be pruned back hard in late winter and given some general purpose fertiliser at this time. Cuttings taken in spring or early autumn should strike easily.

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Justicia aurea
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers from May to August.
Plant Family: Acanthaceae

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