Plant Description

Cuphea cyanea

Form of Cuphea cyanea

Sometimes known as Mexican firecracker, this is a soft-wooded subshrub from Mexico growing to around 60 cm and flowering over a long period from late spring to autumn. This species seems to have a number of different coloured forms: one of mine has soft orange flowers with darker-coloured tips, shaped like long, thin trumpets (possibly the cultivar 'Caribbean Sunset'?).

Cultivar 'Pink Mouse' has pink flowers with yellow tips. Cuphea cyanea is easily propagated from cuttings taken in spring or autumn, and like all Cuphea, needs to be replaced with a new specimen every few years. It grows in sun or part-shade, and is resilient to Sydney's increasingly hot summers. It is frost sensitive. Prune back in late winter to promote a compact shape.


Cuphea cyanea
Out now in my Sydney garden.
Flowers from October to July.

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