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"Understory woodland trees"

Started by Greg - 2299 Monday, 14 October 2019
 Hi everyone. I want to create a woodland garden in Newcastle, NSW. I"ve read that woodlands have three layers: upper story, understory and ground plants. I have an upper story with a large gum tree and a tea tree (plus borrowed shade). However these are high, mature trees and I want to plant a couple understory trees/ shrubs. I like the idea of deciduous trees with white flowers (because they stand out in the slightly gloomier conditions). I"m afraid I"m not a fan of natives (sorry native lovers). I had been thinking about... a. Cornus Kousa (Korean Dogwood) b. Amelanchier Lamarkii (Serviceberry) c. Viburnum Burkwoodii. d. Magnolia Stellata e. Hamemelis (Witch Hazel) I realise these are all from cooler climates. My backyard does have a slightly cooler microclimate because we are on a hill with a cooling nor- easter. Has anyone from Sydney and North had experience with any of these or wisdom to offer? I"m also open to alternatives if you think these won"t work. Many thanks. Greg
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 Lesley - 2088 Saturday, 07 December 2019
 How about some of the Japanese maples for the shady areas, they would fit a woodlands theme, and forest pansy ( Cercis candiensis) seems to do well inSydney region as well. Im not sure about dogwoods, I think they do better in cooler temperate regions as do most Viburnums. You could also consider some rhododendrums and or Hydrangeas and azaleas in a woodland theme to add white to the scheme, depending on if you have the right soil and conditions. Lesley

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