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Early spring blues   11Sep08
The bright reds, oranges and yellows of my spring garden need the cooling contrast of blue.
Some plants from the Mediterranean region, Madeira and the Canary Islands thrive in dry sunny spots and bloom in late winter in Sydney.
These will provide colour and form in your garden every summer.
This plant family has some exotic members, and they are well suited to our climate.
An afternoon visiting gardens brings delight and inspiration.
A visit to a friend's garden reminded me of the value of self-seeding spring annuals.
A bunch of flowers with some green carnations reminded me of the fascination of green blooms.
Summer garden blues   06Feb11
We have endured one of the hottest weeks on record in our gardens, but plants have still provided solace.
Good-looking leaves   10Jul11
A stroll in the garden reveals many plants with attractive winter foliage.
Annual delights   28Aug11
Spring-flowering annual plants can bring colour and interest to the smallest garden.
Survival tactics   02Oct11
A trip to the country shows the tenacity of some tough plants.
Poppies!   30Oct11
I have always loved poppies and poppy-like flowers.
Grown from seed   03Nov13
Plants I have grown from seed have a special cachet.
Summer annuals can provide brilliant colour.
Perennial annuals   05Oct14
Many annuals can live on.
Many self-seeding annuals bloom now.
Filling summer gaps   03Feb19
Potted colour comes to the rescue!